Restore & Align Sublte Bodies

Reiki is a Japanese Healing Modality that uses light, non-invasive touch to promote physical and emotional


Reiki energy restores your body and mind to a natural state of well-being.  

A session with a Reiki practitioner, either remote or in person, provides incredible benefits for all kinds of mental, emotional, physical and physiological imbalances.


Reiki causes profound shifts in the various energy bodies of your being.  A full Reiki session allows time for energy work on your full body as well as focus on any areas that you want special attention paid to. The session will help to balance all of your chakras and facilitate proper energy flow.

In a half Reiki session, you will receive the benefits of Reiki in a more targeted way. 

If you are scheduling your first reiki session, an hour session is recommended.

All treatments are followed up with an email detailing the practitioners insights from your session.

$120, 60 minutes 

$80, 30 minutes


Distance (Telemedicine) Reiki sessions allow you to receive the benefits of the healing from our own environment. Energy knows no bounds, and can be directed with appropriate techniques

and intention.

You can enjoy the benefits of Reiki from afar while you just sit back, relax and receive. I will follow up with an email to give you further guidance after the session.

$120, 60 minutes

$80, 30 minutes


Pets also benefit from Reiki! Whether your fur baby is feeling under the weather, or has any behavior issues that you feel might benefit from calming energy, Reiki can be a great option for them.

Sessions will be done remotely. We'll all meet via telemedicine to discuss the issues and desired outcomes, we'll select and time for the session to take place (usually right after the meeting) and you'll receive an email detailing what came up during the session. All pets respond differently to Reiki, but all benefit greatly! First session should be 60 minutes.

$120, 60 minutes

$80, 30 minutes

"Telemedicine Pet Reiki"

Please email to inquire about in person, in home visits.


Know you're interested, but not sure where to start?

Do your in depth medical intake before you choose a treatment,

and get your practitioner's expert advice on the best treatment plan for you.

Medical consultations may be covered by insurance. Out of pocket cost is $70. 

*Telemedicine option available.

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