Align Your Healing With Your Stars

Acupuncture and Astrology both aim to return the human being to its original and harmonious expression. 

The astrological chart is a fractal image of our unique bend of light at birth, and as we fulfill our lives, that light takes on its own signature. Each individual has a signature which describes their unique expressive nature. 

Acupuncture can help clarify that signature and help pivot that individual toward a path that is upright, resonant and true to who they are.

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You and your practitioner will look at your natal chart and dialogue about major themes that govern your astrological signature and discuss your concerns. Your practitioner will then create a treatment based on your
natal signature. You will also receive a worksheet for engaging with your signature, that includes
a writing prompt, lifestyle suggestions/modifications and the like. Treatment concerns can be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

** Due to the nature of natal chart interpretation, natal chart information (date, place and time of birth) is required one week in advance of your initial intake. **

$200, 120 minutes 



In our subsequent sessions, we will continue our work with the birth chart, modifying the treatment according to insights and changes that have emerged since the first session. The more work that you’ve done on your own, the more we have to work with in the clinical setting.

$100, 60 minutes 



This is deeper level work and often more subtle, requiring practice in self-reflection and self-exploration. As is true with regular acupuncture, just because a symptom goes away,
doesn’t mean we’re cured of the root issue. Similarly, just because a symptom has not changed,
doesn’t mean that we haven’t made movement. The aim of this work is to develop greater body awareness, self-possession and more ease in being who you are. When we are more at ease in who we are, we worry less  about what we can’t change and we experience more of ourselves in


Know you're interested, but not sure where to start?

Do your in depth medical intake before you choose a treatment,

and get your practitioner's expert advice on the best treatment plan for you.

Medical consultations may be covered by insurance. Out of pocket cost is $70. 

*Telemedicine option available.

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