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          I'm Mary.

My Story

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Mary Weeks, L.Ac.

Energy Healer

Reiki Master

Spiritual Guidance


Energy Healing

Remote Energy Healing


Sunday: 5-7:30

Monday 5-7:30

I am so grateful to be part of your wellness journey.  I have seen the wonders of Reiki, both personally and for clients, and I love being able to share it. My mission with my patients is to create total body healing, and help them to restore to harmony and balance in their lives.

Since being a very young child, I have been sensitive to energy.  I didn’t understand the gift, or how to use it, until Reiki came into my life. I became a Reiki Practitioner in early 2017, and after practicing for a year, decided to pursue my Levels II and Levels III training.  In January of 2018, I became a Reiki Master. 

Through my Celtic heritage, I also practice Shamanic Healing.  I will often incorporate these techniques and healing energies in my practice with clients as well.  I tailor each of my sessions around my clients and their needs.  I even have four legged patients, who benefit from Reiki as humans do. 

I am a native of Silver Spring, and live here now with my husband and daughter, along with our four rescue animals. We have two Greyhounds, a Labrador and a bossy little Calico kitty cat. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking and being in nature, where I feel most at home.

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