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Naturopathic medicine is healthcare the way it should be. Patient informed care that empowers you and your health decisions. Naturopathic medicine combines Western medicine knowledge with natural, social, and environmental factors to create treatment plans and options that are truly holistic.

Visits include physical exams and lab work as needed.





Naturopathic medicine visits are comprehensive medical intakes similar to modern Western medicine physicals, but your doctor will be present the entire hour to get an in depth understanding of your concerns and goals as well as teaching you proactive ways to maintain your health. This visit includes all necessary physical exams. Your doctor will provide natural recommendations for prevention and treatment which may include supplements, exercises, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, as well as further testing, labwork, and herbal prescriptions. 

$260 Initial, 60 minutes 

$140 Return, 30 minutes

Discounted Labs available

for non insurance.

Medications and supplements are complex. Meet with a professional to dive into what you're taking and understand what is truly optimal for your health. Your naturopathic doctor will discuss and prescribe natural alternatives that will improve overall well being.

*This visit requires submission of your medications/supplements at least 24 hours PRIOR to the appointment.

$180, 30 minute meet time

Telemedicine available.

Dr. Safiya McCarter specializes in women's health. Whether your well-woman visit looks like a gynecological exam, fertility preparation, peri-menopausal, or menopausal support, doing your annual check up with 

a naturopathic doctor gives you the extra attention and support necessary to understand the complex nature of what you need on a hormonal level to feel your best. Blood draws, if necessary, are done on site.


$260 Initial, 60 minutes 

Discounted Labs available

for non insurance.

Know you're interested, but not sure where to start?

Do your in depth medical intake before you choose a treatment,

and get your practitioner's expert advice on the best treatment plan for you.

Medical consultations may be covered by insurance. Out of pocket cost is $70. 

*Telemedicine option available.

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