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Private Acupuncture

Initial 90 minutes: $145

Return 60 minutes: 


An initial private acupuncture appointment includes a thorough medical intake followed by an acupuncture treatment in a private room. It may include extra therapies, like cupping, at the practitioner's discretion. This treatment option is preferable over community acupuncture if you have an extensive, complex medical history, multiple areas of pain, and/or many issues that need to be discussed in depth.

*Insurance can be billed for private acupuncture only.

Community Acupuncture

60 minutes $25-45, sliding scale

Initial: +$10

Community Acupuncture includes a brief medical intake followed by an acupuncture treatment in a community setting. This set up allows the practitioner to see more patients at one time in the same space, in order to keep the cost more affordable. This is a great option no matter what you're coming in for, but please note that it there is limited time to discuss medical history in depth. 

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Initial: $50

Return: $15

Herbal Formula: $25

Chinese herbs are an all natural medicinal tea made of mostly plant parts. Your practitioner will do an in depth medical intake and formulate a prescription specific to your needs. Herbs at Pulse are an easy to take, pre-decocted powder that you mix with water and drink as a tea. Like acupuncture, herbs work by targeting the root of the problem and re-establishing balance in the body, so that the body may eventually maintain itself. 

Learn more with with this great 5-Minute video.


Initial + Return

30 minutes: 


Cupping can be used all over the body and is great for releasing adhesions in connective tissues and tension in the muscles.This appointment is great for people who want something like a massage, but with longer lasting, stronger results. Cupping is a traditional method of moving blockages in Chinese medicine. The marks that sometimes come from cupping are from the blockages that need to be flushed out of the system. Cupping is also great for detoxing the body from negative emotions and stress relief.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Initial, 120 minutes:


Return, 90 minutes:


Facial rejuvenation or cosmetic acupuncture is like an all natural face lift. Facial acupuncture helps to stimulate collagen production and blood flow to the skin for a revitalizing, anti-aging treatment. This treatment includes an in depth intake, progress photos, facial gua sha and cupping (explained below), and an acupuncture session (both facial and body for maximum retention). *Please note, if you have other medical issues to address, a separate appointment should be made. **Not suitable for patients with high blood pressure or headaches.

Facial Rejuvenation Cupping & Gua Sha

Initial + Return

30 minutes:


Facial cupping and gua sha help to improve blood flow and stimulate collagen production in the skin to reduce lines and leave the skin glowing. Cupping uses suction while gua sha uses friction against the skin. Both therapies are gentle, do not leave any marks, and improve the overall quality of the skin. This is a suitable option for those with high blood pressure and headaches as an alternative to facial acupuncture.

*Please note that this service is included in facial acupuncture sessions.

Naturopathic Medicine Visit

Initial, 60 minutes:


Return, 30 minutes:


Naturopathic medicine visits are comprehensive medical intakes similar to modern Western medicine physicals, but your doctor will be present this entire time to get an in depth understanding of your concerns and goals as well as teaching you proactive ways to maintain your health. This visit includes all necessary physical exams. Your doctor will provide natural recommendations for prevention and treatment which may include supplements, exercises, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, as well as further testing and herbal prescriptions. 

Naturopathic Supplement & Medication Review

30 minutes:


*can be done over the phone

Meet with your Naturopathic doctor to review, in depth, your supplements and medications. Patients often take medications and supplements with little understanding of what they are for or if they are truly optimal for their health. This visit allow you the chance to understand what you're taking, what it's doing for your body, and if there are alternative solutions, or ways to improve the overall benefit of what you're taking.

*Please note that this visit requires submission of your medications/supplements PRIOR to the appointment in order for your doctor to properly and comprehensively review your list as it pertains to you. 


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