Reiki Healing Package


+ One 60-minute Reiki Energy Healing Session 

+ One 30-minute Reiki Energy Healing Session

Product Description:

Realign with this wonderful reiki bundle! One full hour session and one follow up 30 minute session to start your year off right. There's nothing quite like whole hour of relaxing while working through some blockages. These sessions can be done remotely or in person.

$150,  save $50

Natural Medicine Package


+ One Initial Naturopathic Medicine Visit 

+ One Return Naturopathic Medicine Visit 

+ One Private Acupuncture Visit

Product Description:

Give the gift of care.

This perfect natural medicine bundle allows whoever receives it to get a complete start to their healing journey. They'll start with a full initial Naturopathic Medicine intake which covers complete medical history, lifestyle, diet, supplements, medications and more. Their follow up naturopathic medicine visit is included in this package as well! AND they'll also get a full private acupuncture visit, which will not only help with their chief complaint, but will also give a full body reset for complete balance and health. 

$375,  save $125

Natural Healing Trifecta


+ One Initial Naturopathic Medicine 

+ One Private Acupuncture Session

+ One 60-minute Reiki Energy Healing Session

Product Description:

A complete healing package from Pulse. This bundle includes one of each of our healing treatments: Naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, and reiki. Get a full body work up from physical exam, dietary and lifestyle advice to energy alignment and clearing. This is EVERYTHING anyone needs who loves all things natural.

$380,  save $100

Pet Reiki Bundle


+ One 60-minute Pet Reiki Session (remote)

+ One 30-minute Pet Reiki Session (remote)

Product Description:

Did you know that energy healing can be great for pets? These sessions are done remotely, but may be available for in person, in home treatments too. (Please contact us to verify before purchasing. Additional fees for travel may be required). Furry friends benefit greatly from reiki sessions, whether they're under the weather or have specific issues you'd like to address. These sessions will include a virtual meet, greet & discussion followed by an offline reiki session and detailed report of the session from your practitioner. 

$150,  save $50

Know you're interested, but not sure where to start?

Do your in depth medical intake before you choose a treatment,

and get your practitioner's expert advice on the best treatment plan for you.

Medical consultations may be covered by insurance. Out of pocket cost is $70. 

*Telemedicine option available.

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