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Restore Harmonious Flow

Traditional Chinese Therapeutic Bodywork, also known as Tui Na, is the ancient system of bodywork used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is comparable to deep tissue sports injury massage. According to TCM theory, qi and blood flow throughout the body, within a branching system of meridians, nourishing all of the tissues and vital organs. Blockage of this flow disrupts the body’s balance and is the root of all pain and disease. Tui Na is used to improve the circulation of qi and blood in the body and reduce all stagnation leading to pain.


Here at Pulse, we use Tui Na in combination with other Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities like cupping, herbal liniments and moxibustion to help you achieve your highest state of flow in body mind and spirit. 

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Tui Na uses differing levels of pressure, applied to the channels, acupoints, muscles, and tendons to remove obstruction, relieve pain, and increase range of movement, restoring harmonious flow in the body. Relaxing and Invigorating, these sessions are effective for both acute injuries and chronic pain. Tui na can be helpful to relax muscle tension, relieve spasm, and reduce the harmful effects of stress. Your practitioner, Damon Iacovelli, will help you identify your goals and formulate the best treatment plan to help you achieve them.


In addition to tui na, cupping, a traditional form of myofascial release therapy, is often used during these sessions to reduce hard-to-treat body pain. Cupping is amazing for treating stubborn blockages in the fascia. Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessels, bone, nerve, and muscle in place. Restrictions in the fascia lead to blockages of blood flow to local muscle tissue, reducing oxygen that muscles so deeply crave. This often results in constant, deep, burning pain.


These sessions are effective to relieve chronic neck and shoulder tension, lower back pain, headaches, and restricted joint movements, and more. 

$115, 60 minutes

$160, 90 minutes



Tui Na + Facilitated Deep Stretching

To achieve results that last beyond the Tui Na session, it is best to combine targeted therapeutic bodywork with a series of dynamic stretches to untie blockages in the muscle/sinew channels. Opening the muscle/sinew channels with stretching relieves pain and
increases the active range of motion in disabled joints. After a full Tui Na session, the practitioner will perform the appropriate combination of long, slow, deep stretches on the client to unbind achy, painful joints and restore a healthy range of movement. Dynamic Stretching to Release the Joints is best for stiff necks, restricted shoulders, chronic bad backs, and inflexible hips that cause pain, poor balance, and limited mobility.

$180, 90 minutes


Tui Na + Herbal Liniments

In modern life, we are tied to our computers and cell phones. We sit too much and are overwhelmed by stress. This is causing an epidemic of deep, burning neck and shoulder pain that is resistant to conventional therapies. Sound familiar? This is for you. After a full Tui Na session, your practitioner will apply Chinese herbal liniments to the areas of chronic pain to open the channels and restore healthy blood flow. Then, sliding cups or gua sha (therapeutic scraping) will break up the areas of restriction in the deep myofascial layers, eliminating constant, nagging pain. Overcoming Obstruction is best for chronic neck, shoulder, upper back, forearm, and hand pain.

$180, 90 minutes


Tui Na + Ginger Moxa

According to TCM theory, chronic stress and overwork weakens the body and allows Cold and Damp to penetrate into the joints causing severe pain and joint dysfunction. The best way to treat joint pain that is worse in cold, damp weather is to use moxibustion therapy to warm the channels with deep, penetrating heat. Small cones of herbal moxa are burned on top of large slices of ginger placed on key acupoints and achy joints to warm the body’s Yang Qi and drive out Cold and Damp. Following a full Tui Na session, ginger moxa is a
warming and comforting technique to relieve pain and improve joint health. Warm the Channels is best for chronic lower back, hip, and knee pain that is worse in cold, damp weather.

$180, 90 minutes


Tui Na + Abdominal Massage and Qigong
Energy Balancing Therapy

According to ancient Taoist philosophy, the Tan Tian, the energy center located just below the navel, is the root of all Vital Qi in the body. The internal organs draw upon Vital Qi to carry out their physiological functions of nourishing, protecting, and detoxifying the body. In modern life, we often experience extreme stress, overwork, and unbalanced emotions which lead to feelings of depleted energy and exhaustion. When our Vital Qi is depleted, our internal organs do not function properly, allowing chronic disease to arise. The ancient Taoists understood that the key to a happy and healthy life was a relaxed abdomen that allowed slow, deep breathing to circulate the Vital Qi to all areas of the body. Using the gentle techniques of Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage, your practitioner will work to release obstructions and blockages to restore optimal function and harmony to the internal organs.


Releasing the effects of stress, deeply held emotions, and years of an unhealthy diet, the energy is guided from the abdomen to the vital energy points along the spine, finishing with a harmonization of Yin and Yang in the head and feet. The treatment finishes with a personalized transmission of the Taoist qigong meditations of the Inner Smile and the Six Healing Sounds to retain the Vital Qi generated during the session into daily life. Return to Harmony is best for chronic stress, unbalanced emotions, digestive complaints, sleep problems, and menstrual issues.

$180, 90 minutes

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